Friday Prayers for Egypt: Protest Deaths, First Evidence

Flag Cross Quran


Deaths among protestors are not new. Over the past few weeks it seems one or two have been killed in clashes with security forces every Friday. But today the government announced the death of eleven, while Morsi supporters claim nineteen. But it appears not just to be violence received; buildings and vehicles have been set on fire by protestors, and police have been injured in turn. As both sides maintain a zero sum contest, it is difficult to establish a clear picture of events.

A clearer picture the government seeks, putting forward in its first links between the Muslim Brotherhood and admitted terrorists. The son of a prominent Brotherhood leader has admitted joining the Sinai based group and liaising between the two, they say. Others scoff, recalling heavy handed police tactics from the days of Mubarak.

God, Egypt is in a difficult period. Set aside, for now, the questions of right and wrong. Preserve life. Preserve property. Preserve peace and good relations between men. For right now many are angry, and becoming increasingly so.

But do not set them aside forever, nor for long. Show the people, and show the world, the full extent of wrongdoing in Egypt. Then, God, set things right.

Are you already doing so? This has been prayed in hope many times over the past three years. How much longer? God, give Egypt patience and determination, but give her empathy and humility as well. Cultivate a healthy suspicion that honors one’s leaders as it holds them accountable.

And as others lose respect for leaders of all stripes, restore a wholesome ordering of society. Save Egypt from a decent into chaos; may fear of God and love of humanity hold steady amid the instability. But proper authorities are necessary, God. Give them wisdom and help them to act properly.

For death, God, is evidence of your incomplete will. May all Egyptians protest at this, and align their will to yours alone. First and last, may they seek your principles, and add to them every blessing beside.


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