A Bobby Riggs – Billie Jean King Moment in Egypt

Battle of Sexes

From Ahram Online, reporting on an friendly ‘Battle of the Sexes’ soccer game in Luxor:

The Egyptian women’s youth team has defeated a men’s team in a friendly match in Luxor.

The women beat Al-Madina Al-Monawara, an under-17 team, 5-3 on Wednesday.

The woman’s team was also under 17, so while it was a game of equal ages, the player pool was vastly different. Still, quite an accomplishment, especially for the game to even happen. With better marketing, Luxor might be able to draw the greater tourism they seek:

“The 27 players in the women’s U-17 national squad, currently in Luxor, aim to promote tourism as well as popularise the game in Upper Egypt,” El-Hawary told reporters after the match.

More power to them.

One reply on “A Bobby Riggs – Billie Jean King Moment in Egypt”

Many thanks for this message. Wishing you & yours God’s richest blessings at Christmas and always. In His love, Mary Massoud


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