Friday Prayers for Egypt: Protest Law

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt may still be revolutionary, but if so it is now contrary to law. Perhaps every revolution is. Besides, there is nothing like a law to regulate protest to spark more protest.

It even brought non-Islamists back to the street. Many political parties and movements spoke out against its provisions, requiring prior notification, allowing security to modify or cancel, and imposing harsh penalties on violators. International bodies condemned as well. Revolutionaries tested it immediately, meeting tear gas and arrest.

Islamists, meanwhile, hit the street regardless. Though fellow protestors are not their allies, they are, perhaps, emboldened by the sight of others opposing the government as well.

The government, according to law, confronts them both.

God, society cannot continue forever in chaos. Nor should those with a word against authorities be silenced. Does this law balance appropriately? Or is it a tool to repress dissent? Even if so, do you approve for a time?

Give wisdom to the government, God. The revolution has unleashed a popular fury that will not be subdued. But it has also unleashed a powerful backlash that clamors for calm. Where should its allegiance lie?

May it be with that which is right. May they study the norms of human rights and craft a law for Egypt in consensus with national actors. If there is need to amend, make it clear to all.

Give wisdom also to these actors. All law enshrines principles and establishes precedent. May they know what is worth fighting for and if this issue applies. Help them to hold the government accountable, in a manner winsome for the nation.

And for those who remain outside the law altogether, give them wisdom in spades. They have made it clear they will not stop protesting. Should they demonstrate their peacefulness in compliance with the law? Might it work to their advantage, or just compromise their rhetoric?

God, so many are in a maze and subject to criticism no matter their choice. Bind them all to yourself in commitment to pure intention. Give all the confidence that comes from choosing the right over the expedient. Expose all who willfully deceive in pursuit of their goals, even if righteous. And bring together the men of purpose from all agendas who can hammer home a consensus with respect for all.

But if consensus was constant, God, there would be no need for either law or protest. But you counsel both for mankind, fully aware of our foibles. In both law and protest, then, may Egypt honor you. Honor her in turn, and give her peace.


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