Friday Prayers for Egypt: Tragedy Tripled

Flag Cross Quran


The tragedies of this past week drove the government to declare three days of mourning. They serve also as a reminder of challenges, both old and new.

Twenty-seven people died when a microbus failed to stop at a crossing, colliding with an oncoming train.

Eleven soldiers died when a suicide bomber drove his car bomb into their convoy.

One security officer died when he was assassinated outside his home.

The first tragedy reminds of Egypt’s dilapidation. The last two portend of Egypt’s insurrection. God, fix and quell.

Fix the system that fails to build to code and perform regular maintenance. Fix the culture that avoids responsibility and allows corruption. And fix the human spirit that does not work as if unto you.

Quell the evil that will kill for an agenda. Quell the insurgency that targets the state. And quell the discontented spirit that places its own interests above those of others.

For there are many discontent, God, who have ample reason for their frustration. But save them from descent into either rage or resignation.

Give them hope, amid their differences. But give also the strength to resist the violence of those who force their way on others. And with it, give the greater strength of self-restraint and humility. Bring Egypt soon to consensus, that all would care for the concerns of the other.

God, tragedy often brings resolve. Increase it three-fold, that Egypt may prosper. Take the old, and make all things new.


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