Friday Prayers for Egypt: Dissolving the Brotherhood

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Ninety years, God, or six months? Which is now dissolved? A recent court decision declared the recently established Muslim Brotherhood NGO illegal, but added the ruling applied to all group activities.

Sixty years, God, or nine weeks? Which one dissolved it? Does the ruling issue from the legacy of Egypt’s military government, or from a post-revolutionary government with a renewed commitment to civil democracy?

This government postponed the implementation of the ruling until litigation against Brotherhood leaders in custody is settled. But despite the decapitation, protests continue with regularity.

God, speak to those in the Brotherhood. Help them to take stock of the situation and reflect upon the best path for the nation. Will you honor their commitment among the people? Or are they only alienating themselves further? Some have sought to apologize for their mistakes, while remaining leadership dismisses this. Give them humility, God, and may their level of sincerity be evident to all.

God, help their Islamist allies to encourage them appropriately. Some have called for them to give up their zero sum struggle. Is this capitulation, or wisdom? The right must never be surrendered, but how many wrongs is the Brotherhood masking? May those of like mind counsel them appropriately.

God, guide the path of the interim government. Publicly, they say invitations for reconciliation with the Brotherhood are still open. May all trials of their leaders be transparent, just, and quick. Resolve this momentous issue so the country can continue its democratic transition.

God, encourage those who seek to stand in between. Several revolutionary activists formed a front to oppose both the Brotherhood and the military. Strengthen them so their opposition is credible and positive, a public service to hold all to account.

And God, bless those outside the struggle entirely. Reports say they are re-depoliticizing; they are fatigued, frustrated, or just wishing the nation would go back to normal. Provide for the needs of the many poor, and lift the spirits of all so as not to surrender the positive ideals of the revolution.

The Brotherhood is unlikely to go away, God, and you know best if it should or shouldn’t. Neither the quasi-political role of the military, a similar judgment your providence disposes.

But Egypt remains, as do your principles. May these dissolve so completely into each other they may never be separated. Make of them both a completely new nature.



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