Friday Prayers for Egypt: Attempted Assassination, Syria

Flag Cross Quran


Trouble is brewing in the region. While Syria grabs the headlines due to the threat of an American strike, the impasse in Egypt has ratcheted up as well. She has experienced her first clear attempt at assassination since the revolution, directed at the minister of the interior, who heads the police.

Islamist groups have denied any involvement, condemning the act while redirecting blame to the security apparatus itself. Miraculously, only one bystander was killed, while several were injured along with others in the minister’s motorcade.

Nonsense, God. No matter the culprit this event turns a page in Egypt’s transition. The nation has been surprisingly free of targeted killings, given all that was at stake. Draw her back, God. May the perpetrators be found quickly and transparently.

But what can be said compared to the violence in Syria? Amid countless victims in a civil war doubling as a regional proxy battleground, scores more are added to the ledger via chemical attack. Meanwhile, the world cannot even agree on who did it.

But some are certain and ready to punish. Among them, God, some have deliberated and stayed their hand. Give wisdom to the elected representatives of the citizens of the United States of America, to decide the necessity of bombing Syria.

There is a world order, God, but few means of righteous enforcement. Plus, the order is rife with examples of manipulation that put the question to foreign interventions for justice or human rights.

God, will an American strike prevent or provoke more violence? Syria has suffered enough, and if America moves, by definition she will suffer more. Yet whatever the decision, be merciful to the Syrian people. However little faith they still hold in humanity, do not betray their faith in you. Save and rescue them from their oppressors, foreign and domestic.

It has been too long, God. Do you want an outsider to jolt this struggle to conclusion? God, if America intervenes, may it only be for good intention, even if she only paves the road to further hell. Hold her accountable otherwise; hold her accountable still.

But bring peace and justice from somewhere, God. First and last, may it be from the Syrians. Bless them, but ugh, how hollow these words. Bless them, and lift this curse.

And bless Egypt. Keep her from descending into a deeper pit. Save both nations from assassination.


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