Friday Prayers for Egypt: Whither the Brotherhood?

Flag Cross Quran


As the post-Morsi transition is on standby, filled with arrests, rumored negotiations, and half-hearted protests, we wait for what will come. If the primary actor is the military, their foil is the Brotherhood.

But what a foil. They are alternately a terrorist group, then worthy of cabinet positions. They are engaged in a secret deal with the US and Israel to divide Egypt and destabilize the region, then worthy of inclusion in the political process.

God, you know what they really are, for good or ill. However they are painted, their own pallet of self-definition varies considerably as well. And it is not as if they have one opposition; the struggles and strains of post-revolutionary Egypt are many faceted.

But however weak they are at the moment, they still possess considerable strength.

Kill them off, God, if they are a vile strain which has infected Egypt for decades. But if not, give them wisdom in these critical days.

Do kill the symptoms which seem inexorably to follow in their wake, however truly or falsely they are the cause. Rid Egypt of sectarianism, lack of transparency, and the manipulation of religion. These are poisons which have dragged down the nation.

But whatever the Brotherhood is as an organization, those in it are human beings ā€“ good, evil, and a mix of everything in-between. May they, in their humanity, know what you want from them.

But without much of their leadership, how do they strategize, negotiate, or even reflect? But maybe this is a blessing, God? If freed from groupthink, can these individual Brothers hear from you in new ways?

They were wronged, God. Their president was deposed outside the rules of the game, no matter how many people wanted him out. Their supporters were killed in the hundreds, no matter how many of them, or others, may have instigated violence. How should they stand against these wrongs? Few people stand with them in these matters.

They have won few friends, and lost the few they had, long before this trial. Mercy triumphs over judgment, God. If they deserve the latter, no one deserves the former. Find a way to prove true this principle, for the good of Egypt. Redeem, redeem, redeem ā€“ so many stand in need. But if you preserve the Brotherhood, or only the Brothers among them, may they be righteously humbled.

God, Egypt will soon be moving again. With or without the Brotherhood, may it be toward peace, transparency, and consensus. Whither this future, God, only you know.


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