Friday Prayers for Egypt: Foreign Complications

Flag Cross Quran 


Egypt’s problems are so big, other nations are getting involved. May their help be helpful.

Early indications, however, are mostly complicating. A number of foreign envoys met with government and Islamist leaders, supposedly to work out a compromise solution to the political crisis. None was reached and the sit-ins in support of Morsi continue, but each had differing perceptions of blame. The US, in particular, had mixed messages. The administration accepted Morsi’s removal as a protection of democracy and prevention of civil war, while a prominent senator visited and labeled it an out-and-out coup.

Good arguments can support either conclusion, but who makes the call? Encouraged by foreign intervention, the Brotherhood hardens its positions and continues the impasse. Understandably distrustful of government assurances of a safe exit if they disband and go home, local media and security sources reinforce the message of a zero sum game. Did foreign envoys buy time for credible negotiations, or stall a necessary resolution? Bless them, though, for trying.

Blessing is trickier to offer on the other front of foreign complications. An explosion occurred in the Sinai killing several militants, and all speculation immediately posited an Israeli drone. The Egyptian military denied foreign involvement, but a Sinai based terrorist group says they were hit in a joint Egypt-Israel action while planning a rocket launch across borders.

God, Egypt has enough problems. Give wisdom to her friends to know if they are helping or hurting.

But in the end, God, find Egyptian solutions to Egyptian problems. Even if others can come alongside, may this political crisis conclude in greater consensus for all.

Give Egypt peace on her borders, God. Israel is so complicating to Egyptian politics the propaganda will ramp up a hundredfold. Propaganda never helps consensus. Protect Israeli security, help the police and military clamp down on lawlessness, but save Egypt from both the horror and manipulation of terror.

God, give wisdom to the Brotherhood. Help them to hold on to what is right while discovering their wrongs. Grant them the ability to extricate themselves from this crisis, and mold them into that which is good for all of Egypt.

God, give wisdom to the government. Help them to pursue justice transparently and use this historical moment to find a grand solution for Egyptian ideological diversity. Grant them the ability to deftly respond to pressure with necessary political acumen.

God, make both humble. Purge all groups of their power-hungry manipulators, so that those who remain will serve Egypt with a pure heart. Reveal this to the people, and place sovereignty in their hands.

And for all outsiders who wish to help, God, make them honest as well. Allow Egypt to be a domestic mess for as long as necessary while as short as possible. But prevent foreigners from adding complications, God. Stability is greatly needed.



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