Friday Prayers for Egypt: Murky Standoff

Flag Cross Quran


Among the proposed solutions, none are pleasing to all. What then is the greatest common denominator?

An Islamist backed idea is to restore Morsi to the presidency, only to have him delegate all his powers to the cabinet, as possible under the now suspended constitution. The cabinet – presumably his original cabinet – would then call for parliamentary elections followed by presidential.

The current governmental idea is to begin dialogue officially with the Muslim Brotherhood, to invite them to participate in the new roadmap and contest elections. Morsi and other Islamist leaders could be offered a ‘safe exit’ for alleged crimes in exchange for ending the ongoing sit-ins.

Maximalists on both sides have other ideas. One calls for the arrest of ‘coup’ leaders and full restoration of the Morsi government. The other calls for full legal pursuit of Islamist ringleaders and a forced dispersal of the sit-ins. Perhaps both have softer messages behind the scenes, or, perhaps both have an itchy trigger finger.

Is it your will to cause one side to blink first?

God, teach Egyptians how to navigate in murky waters. Surely on one side there is more ‘right’ than on the other, but all seem mired in ‘wrong’.

May good principles prevail, God. Promote dialogue, justice, and consensus. Marginalize propaganda, deception, and manipulation.

But this is the same prayer as last week, God, and very similar to all offered recently. Perhaps in murky waters the people must persevere and never give up.

Do what is right in Egypt, God. Open the eyes of the people to weigh each person and movement. Give them humility to see what is good in their opponent, and what is evil in themselves. Then help them to act accordingly.

God, resolve Egypt’s standoff soon, but teach every lesson necessary in the process. May these two years in murkiness not be a failed education.



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