Friday Prayers for Egypt: Derailing

Flag Cross Quran


Despite the protests of many, perhaps it can be said that Egypt is now on a political path forward. A constitution is adopted, a legislature is in session, and parliamentary elections are being planned.

But elsewhere, if only symbolically, Egypt is pulling apart at the seams.

A train carrying security conscripts derailed, killing many. Overcrowded, creaking the whole way, it is as if Egypt’s infrastructure is decaying. It follows a similar accident weeks before when dozens of children were killed at a crossing.

Meanwhile, apartment buildings collapse and boats are lost at sea. It has not been a good week.

These accidents are not new, but who can fix them?

From a different direction, sectarian issues threaten to reemerge. A family was arrested for seeking to reconvert to Christianity, allegedly forging identity cards in order to do so. And rumors of child molestation led a crowd of Muslims to surround a church and smash Coptic-owned shops.

On each of these, details are still emerging. But in the sectarian atmosphere from which political ‘stability’ emerged, actual sectarian conflict makes an ill appearance. May it quickly fade.

God, repair Egypt. It is not just the rails, but those who watch over them, build them, and assign the contracts. Teach the people to be accountable, and help them design a system to enforce it.

In each sector of society, give eyes to see where decay exists. Give both courage and know-how to report problems forever ignored. Grant receptivity on the part of authorities to create a culture of responsibility and improvement.

May no more needless deaths occur.

And this is especially so, God, when it comes to neighborly, religious relations. Accidents will always happen. Misunderstanding is common. But spare Egypt more examples of those who rise up as a group against those who believe differently. Allow all to live not only in freedom of conscience and belief, but also in freedom of place and well being. Why must so many fear what is coming?

God, help Egypt get back on track. Where did she get off of it? Was it recently or long derailed? Have mercy, God. Comfort and encourage the people. Help all be well. Preserve her, but more – build anew. May that which is crumbling be renewed before it collapses.



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