Friday Prayers for Egypt: Referendum

Flag Cross Quran


Tomorrow, Egypt will vote. Many say she should not be, as the process was rushed, non-consensual, and dictatorial in its final stages.

Others say the opposition hopes Egypt never votes, fearing the real choice of the people.

God, whatever the reality which brought Egypt to this point, the people have a choice. The problem is their choice is framed differently.

Is the choice ‘for’ a vote for stability? Is it a vote for sharia? Is it a vote for the revolution?

Is the choice ‘against’ a vote for consensus? Is it a vote against the Muslim Brotherhood? Is it a vote for the revolution?

God, you know. You know what is best. You know what Egypt needs. You know what is right and good and honorable.

In framing this choice, God, it appears many have been less than these. Each accuses the other of unrighteousness, and you know, God, if all are right.

Yet as you do the king, God, you hold the heart of these men in your hand. Forgive them, have mercy on them, and bring them to repentance. But for the referendum tomorrow, God, it is too late.

Therefore, turn the heart of the people towards you. Turn them to what is best, to what is needed, to what is right and good and honorable. Turn them to check the box of your choice.

But Egypt needs far more than several million boxes, God. She needs trust, dialogue, and commitment to a common will. Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, may the result push people closer to each other. All political momentum is driving them apart; for the health of the nation, reverse this.

Have mercy, God. Give Egypt stability, justice, integrity, and consensus. Tomorrow, and in all that follows, give her wisdom and peace.


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