Friday Prayers for Egypt: Presidential Palace Clashes

Flag Cross Quran


Protect Egypt. Protect her from descending into social and political polarization. Protect her from leaders who risk mixing the good of the nation with particular agendas. Protect her from her own people, who have turned violently against each other. Protect her from apathy, as many look on from afar.

Perhaps above all, God, protect Egypt from manipulation. Following the deaths of several and the injury of scores, each side blames the other as the propaganda multiplies. Establish the truth of the recent clashes and expose all wrongdoers and opportunists. No free state of liberty can be built on anything but transparency.

Draw back each party from their entrenched positions, without compromising any notion of conviction. There are values and virtues on all sides, surely mixed with the blinders of partisanship. Liberate their minds from prejudice and generalization; replace rejection with a will to dialogue and consensus.

But where there is evil, God, stamp it out. Raise men who will act from simplicity of heart and humility of spirit, but with the power of discernment between right and wrong. Spare the rod from striking the guilty too harshly, that they in their remaining good intentions may be redeemed.

May there be no winner in this standoff, but rather a renewed commitment to work together for the good of all. The goal is a constitution that honors all Egyptians. As difficult as this task may be, it must not be impossible.

God, their conflicting non-negotiable principles appear irreconcilable by human standards. Even if all are called to seek your wisdom, they seek it differently. If as a lowest common denominator in finding your will jointly, may they seek you in each other. May they not cease from wrestling until they secure a blessing from their opponent.

Heal the divisions of the people, God. Bring leaders to discussion even as they rebuke one another. Bless the president and give him wisdom. Bless those who stand in opposition. May these men advance the cause of Egypt and not retard it. May the people do likewise.

Forgive the nation her sins, God. Lead her to repentance. Lead her to peace.


One reply on “Friday Prayers for Egypt: Presidential Palace Clashes”

the stage is set, the lights and deco are in place,but sadly there is no show.the tossing of ideas to change things ,very often from a big country,proves again its failure.the non stopping attempts to interfere with others possesions continues to no avail.the attempt to replace mubarak with the paranoic guys,is well stupid.they are the same, with different hallucinations, but with the same diagnosis.the evangelists of the silicon valley, can see clearly now that there is no show, the curtains are put down.they simply could not divide us,bloody tossers. do you recognize yourselves?


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