Friday Prayers for Egypt: Prime Minister


Egypt has taken a step. It is a small one, but a step nonetheless.

It is not a step that pleases many, though. President Morsy finally selected a prime minister to form a government, but turned to an obscure and inexperienced bureaucrat. By appearances, he is also an Islamist, though he claims no membership in any organization. He is young, but can he perform? He has already announced a delay in the naming of cabinet ministers.

Some see the move as backtracking on promises to field a unity government. Others believe he will prove unable to navigate Egypt’s strident politics. A number think he was chosen simply as a yes-man easily controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Notwithstanding, he is a man who has accepted responsibility for his nation. Bless him, God. Give him wisdom to choose able ministers. Give him leadership to tackle entrenched issues. Help him to move Egypt forward and correct its economy – both in needed investment and in long-overdue social justice. May he care for the poor.

These entrenched issues will not be easy, God. Egypt is experiencing protracted labor battles. Water and electricity supply have been limited in many regions. President Morsy succeeded in pardoning thousands of political prisoners, yet a few more were sentenced by military trial just today.

Meanwhile, the anniversary of the 1952 military revolution passed this week. It prompted a passive-aggressive response by Morsy to both honor and limit the importance of the day. In response the extremes were advanced; some praised Nasser as a hero, others condemned him as the initiator of military rule.

With a new prime minister, the president has a bit of a shield. Give Egypt the balance between necessary work for the sake of the nation and necessary action to demand long overdue labor reform. Empty the jails of all wrongly imprisoned, but give police authority to enforce the laws of the state.

And as concerns Egypt’s identity – oh God, may all be welcomed. Save Egypt from the strife of this debate as the constitution continues to be written. Who is an Egyptian? For whom is this nation? Give consensus and humility, God. May love and acceptance be extended to all.


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