Friday Prayers for Egypt: Abbasiyya


Give Egypt clarity. Too much is happening too fast, with too many waiting in the wings.

Give comfort to the families of those killed in recent clashes. Give insight to their colleagues to determine if this is a worthy fight.

Give calm to the neighborhoods surrounding these protests. Give patience and mercy to those whose lives they disrupt.

Give forbearance to the political parties making hay of these tragedies. Give honesty and integrity to politicians of all stripes.

Give wisdom to the military council to settle the situation. Give justice in the settling of all accounts.

Give ordinary people peace and serenity in their nation. Give introspection to media to report fairly and without sensationalism.

God, give Egypt that which does not yet exist. Give her men and women to bring it into existence. Give her those of virtue and determination. Give vision and application. Give a way forward.

Give Egypt, God, a good president. Give her a good government.

May Egypt give you joy and pleasure.



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3 replies on “Friday Prayers for Egypt: Abbasiyya”

Interesting quotes on the internal Israeli reactions; thanks for sharing. Few things would surprise me anymore, but I still think this is an unlikely situation for the near to mid future.


Good. We don’t need another war do we? Enough already. God bless you and your ministry. I heard about you via the Rev’d S. Sizer. All the best. En Agape,
BNA Freedom
Matthew 6:33


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