Friday Prayers for Egypt: Tahrir Return


As all competing forces have returned to street politics, what deductions should be drawn? Does it hurt or help the revolutionary cause? Is that cause itself to be celebrated or questioned?

Revolutionary forces have seldom left Tahrir, whereas Islamists abandoned it for politics and parliament a long time ago. Now that they return, should revolutionaries welcome them, reject them, or remain suspicious? Is there forgiveness in politics? Has any sense of repentance been offered?

While the protests united around a palpable rejection of military rule and deep doubt concerning the democratic transition, there was little coordination between forces. There is thankfulness that their developed acrimony did not translate into inter-Tahrir scuffles. But does a moment of common interest suggest deeper reconciliation?

Expressing doubt, there is less certainty concerning the common man. Certainly it took time for the masses to accept the January revolution. There seems to be less than worry or opposition now; it feels more like apathy.

Perhaps the politicians deserve it, God. The people do not. Are the politicians desperate? Does the return to the streets signal they are losing? Dare they escalate?

And if there is apathy, God, this is not a virtue. Convict the people, God, that they might care for their future, regardless of the party they believe will best shape it. Even if they dismiss parties altogether.

The times are confusing, God. What would you have an Egyptian do?

Give wisdom to the military council, God, that they might govern effectively and honestly.

Give wisdom to the parties, God, that they might represent the plurality of national interests.

Give wisdom to the people, God, that they might hold on to the values celebrated during the revolution. May they realize their commitment is necessary to see them through.

Bless Egypt. Make her path straight. May her people be righteous.


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