Friday Prayers for Egypt: Candidacy


Give Egypt a good government; give Egypt a good president.

For now there are many choices: At the least, four figures from the former regime, four Islamists, two leftists, and two old school opposition figures. Candidacy has opened, but not yet closed. How many will remain until election day?

Unfortunately, that is part of the drama. Speculation is rife that some candidates only run to drop out later to aid another or secure a deal of some form or another. Then, accusation is rife that certain candidates are ineligible for one reason or another.

The major development is that the Muslim Brotherhood entered the race, despite giving assurances early they would refrain from seeking the presidency. On their heels Mubarak’s spy chief then committed, widely understood as their chief adversary in the former regime.

But God, so much is ‘widely understood’ in different directions. So few seem pleased with their choices save for the dedicated partisans. So many seem afraid these are less elections than national theater. Yet a recent poll suggests 95% of the electorate plans to vote.

Bless the Egyptian people, God. May this exercise represent true democracy. Judge back to the revolution itself – were you pleased? Preserve all that was good; sideline all that was suspect. Build institutions and processes; allow candidates only a secondary importance.

Weigh the motivations of all, God, and humble or elevate accordingly.

In the end, God, give Egypt the one most fitting to your good and righteous aims. You install kings, and take them down. Merge your will with the people’s empowerment. Honor Egypt with her leader.


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