Friday Prayers for Egypt: Wrangling


Egypt is gearing up for a push, though it is impossible to say in which direction. Presidential candidates continue to jockey for position, but the uncertainty will not last much longer. Candidacies open officially tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood hints and searches and denies – all over who their candidate will be. Are they unsure, or just posturing?

Make Egypt real, God. There is so much doubt over what truly takes place and what is engineered. It is not fair to the people, to those who labor for justice and right. Remove the intrigue and opaqueness and conspiracy from the routine of life. Egypt needs faith its government will represent the interests of the people. This faith must be founded on reality.

Perhaps a greater wrangling is taking place in parliament over the constituent assembly to draft the constitution. The law is vague, so each party contests its interpretation of who must fill the 100 seats. From parliament, or outside? Reflective of the elected majority, or equal representation of all sectors of society? Parliament does have the final say, and the Brotherhood promises it will select members from across the national spectrum.

Give Egypt a worthy constitution, God. It means so much, or at least it should. Choose good men of pure heart and clean conscience. Choose men who will listen to the voice of all and find consensus. Choose men of courage and conviction. Give Egypt a document to be proud of.

There is wrangling over the governing cabinet as well. The current administration has not succeeded in bringing stability. While many revolutionaries have called for its dismissal from the beginning, the Brotherhood is gearing to dismiss it now, if it can. It does not seem a vote of no confidence will result in replacement, but they want to govern now, and appear poised to try.

God, why now, when the president will be seated in three months, and choose his own cabinet? Why does their ambition surface so close to the close, when they have backed the military’s choices until now? Is their ambition healthy and laudable, or selfish? Try them, God, and know their hearts. Promote them, and any, of whom you would call a good and faithful servant. Give Egypt a good government, both now and in the days to come.

And lastly, there is wrangling on the street. A small demonstration met with clashes at the US Embassy. While it meant to protest over the NGO crisis, the location can greatly exaggerate its importance. Furthermore, it holds potential to become worse.

Too much fighting, and too many deaths, God, in the past several months. May this forgettable episode not be a sign of more to come – at the embassy, or anywhere. There is pressure building on all the fronts mentioned; the street is often the place of release.

Give peace, God, to weary Egyptians. It is wrong, even so, that they are weary. By all rights they should be overjoyed at the transformations before them. A parliament has been elected, and a president is to come, along with a constitution. These should be good days, God. Please make them so.

Make Egypt real.


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