Friday Prayers for Egypt: NGO Confusion


If Egypt is a mess, is the whole world with it, America in particular? It seems impossible to discern between outrage and playacting. With the curtain now drawn, is it simply a bad ending or an interlude before a coming act? Or does corruption truly mix with conspiracy to make the stomach churn?

US citizens accused of fermenting chaos in Egypt have now departed, with the sudden lifting of a travel ban against them while under investigation and trial. From reports, one chose to stay. It is so hard to imagine these NGO workers are guilty of the crimes accused in the media. Does the US plot the division of Egypt and encourage street battles against police? There is evil in this world, God. Wherever it is found, expose and distinguish it.

But if not guilty of this – no matter how guilty of administrative trespasses – must then all who joined in the chorus against them also be exposed? Rebuke all who seek political points at the expense of civility, truth, and transparency.

But there is a political crisis now, God, and solutions are not simple. Give grace and wisdom to Egypt’s leaders – both those officially so and whoever may be calling the shots in this issue, if different. Honor the true principles behind this struggle. Give Egypt sovereignty, free her from manipulation, and enable an independent judiciary.

Give justice, God, to those who remain – Egyptians especially – now that the Americans have left. Give wisdom also to her leaders. How should the United States engage Egypt in these changing times? Perhaps power rules all in international relations; if so may such power be used for good. Make America a righteous friend. Free her from the temptations of militarism, and expose all posturing and propaganda.

Yet within Egypt, where posturing and propaganda is rife, settle accounts. Bring to power, God, those who will aid Egypt and her people. Those of good conscience and clean hearts. Those who act according to principle even at personal loss.

So many in Egypt are claimants, God. You know who fits the above description. Men scheme and plot and set their path. Even the wicked can do your will; even the righteous can stumble and fall. Men are confused in their goodness; they are mixed with all evil.

Yet beyond it all, God, you are sovereign. You will bring Egypt that which serves your will. May this be according to your mercy and blessing. May it result in freedom and prosperity. May it honor the Egyptian people.

May men repent, God, wherever they are found. May Egypt grow strong in humility, and avoid humiliation.

Perhaps one is necessary for the other. If so, God, then be gentle.



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