Friday Prayers for Egypt: Presidential Musings


It seems things can never be simple in Egypt. While the official registration period for presidential candidacy does not open for a few weeks, Egypt already has multiple self-professed seekers, as well as one to drop out already. Some have been bold and outspoken, others lie quietly and wait. And for the Muslim Brotherhood, there is a candidate they will support who they claim will be a surprise to everyone.

For all these individuals, God, give them a sense of purpose and national pride. Keep the scent of power from corrupting their morals, and may they engage the political process with dignity and honor, as indeed most are doing. Many seem to be leaders of good character; bless them and Egypt as competition nears.

Nevertheless, rumors have been rampant there will be a consensus president before the competition even begins. On the one hand, this can be seen to find a candidate acceptable to all, to smooth the transition. On the other, it is accused of being a back door deal, to find consensus between the military council and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Man has schemed for ages on end, God, and there is little expectation it will stop soon. Is it best to avoid a contentious campaign? Does the transition to democracy find support if one candidate can be agreed upon across the political spectrum? Or does this short-circuit democracy itself? Honor the people, God, and give them true agency. May their choice be real, and may they believe it is real. Build confidence in their role in society, that the nation is theirs to govern. May several candidates emerge to represent them, may the victor be best for Egypt, and win the respect of all.

Keep the candidates safe, God, as one was attacked just this morning. Preside as well over the former president, whose trial decision will be released soon. You know the truth of his guilt or innocence, God – may justice be done. May the decision be transparent so that all may accept; keep men from violence if they are disappointed. Bind the hands of potential sabotage.

God, protect Egypt. As the transition to full democratic rule approaches, the stakes grow higher and higher. May agreement and consensus be found. May the institutions of state be strengthened and reformed. May security reverse the gains of crime. May Egyptians hope once again in their nation.

Give Egypt a good government, God; give her a good president.


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