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Friday Prayers for Egypt: NGO Crisis


You know what is in the hearts of men; you know what moves the engine of nations. Perhaps it is too much to ask international relations to be built on justice and principle – the world of interests is too strong a competitor. You turn the heart of the king as you will, but what design lies behind impersonal state mechanisms? Behind it all are human beings; men and women who know right from wrong.

God, guide them in it. You have conquered powers and principalities – what more are these than the laws, money, and treaties which seemingly bind whole states? Your manipulations are always just. Bring about outcomes necessary for the good of all involved.

Yet the manipulations of men and nations are rarely just. They bring about outcomes partial to power. Worse, they so often cloak themselves in the garb of principle. God, keep men from being deceived; keep nations from swallowing their own rhetoric.

God, you know who is right and wrong in this dispute, or, if both are wrong. Settle accounts, but as between friends. May they gain reconciliation before reaching the judge. Keep Egypt from being at odds with the world.

Yet at the same time, free Egypt from the grasp of the world. Grant her a noble sovereignty within which her people may also be free.

Furthermore, free the world from the necessity of control, from the ignobility of buying friendship.

God, grant this world peace – in this region, in this nation.

God, grant this people peace – in their government, in their politics, in their civil society.

God, grant Egypt honor, her and her citizens. Bless them and have them prosper.



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