Friday Prayers for Egypt: Soccer


It seems every month more people die. This month is the most inexplicable. Around eighty people were killed at a soccer match in Port Said, when partisans of one team set upon the other. Whether or not this was senseless violence complicates matters all the more. Some say there were signs of a planned attack, with gates strategically locked and opened.

But who can know, God? Almost immediately after the tragedy calls were renewed for the fall of the government, the withdrawal of the military council to their barracks, and the advance of presidential elections. Did some plan the tragedy for some political end? How horrible and evil. Or are some using the tragedy for some political end? How horrible still. The great stakes in the game make determination of the facts almost impossible. Or, are things so clear as to be obvious? God give mercy.

As a response the bereaved soccer fans – always belligerent but never fatal – have gathered at the Ministry of the Interior, their sworn enemy which oversees the police. Both they and security forces have fallen injured, and perhaps they seek to storm the building itself.

Remove all thoughts of revenge from their hearts, God. Give them to mourn, give them to protest, but keep them from returning evil for their hurt. Their nature helped advance the revolution; keep their nature from spoiling it. Perhaps it must also be asked to redeem their nature, God. In many ways their solidarity and fervor are beautiful, but sin crouches at the door, seeking to master. Protect them from themselves, that they might better protect each other, and Egypt.

But what is behind it, God? Who is behind it? Expose them. If it was simply soccer violence then hold all accountable. If there is more, may the culprits be found. Why are some not content with a good life rightly lived? Why must power be so seductive? Month after month people are dying; are these the price of crafting a just order? Or are the players involved in this struggle, if only one of them, rotten to the core?

Give wisdom to the military which governs Egypt, God. Bring justice to the nation and reconciliation among all who have been abused. Rebuke those who do evil, and empower those who do right in honor of your principles. Give repentance and forgiveness; bring transformation beyond punishment. Unite Egypt for the prosperity and freedom of her people.

Help her to play soccer once more in peace.


One reply on “Friday Prayers for Egypt: Soccer”

Thank you Jayson so much for your prayers. From the point of view of an Egyptian, with an Egyptian common sense and intuition, the soccer match was just a venue used to create chaos and disaster. It is not about partisans of one team. Soon the investigations will show that the early signs of a disaster coming were there for the vigilant to see. In a time when the state of affairs are not convenient for a match, the way the buses and cars were loaded with people (with their attitude) heading to Port Said through Cairo, hours before the match was one sign that raised unwelcome expectations that perhaps something unpleasant was cooking. Some group of people with a lot of hate, a lot of aggression and no conscience whatsoever do not want stability.


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