Friday Prayers for Egypt


Egypt now is waiting. Waiting for the 25th. In many cases, preparing for the 25th.

The ruling military council has declared the day a national holiday, and is preparing grand celebrations. Meanwhile the revolutionaries scurry around street corners showing films meant to discredit the military council and gain support for continuing the revolution.

Both will be present, presumably in the same places, on the 25th.

There are still Fridays between now and then to pray for this date, but it is good to ask for your providence now, God. Make this a day of safety, celebration, and continued commitment.

Until then, guide those who are preparing. Weigh their motivations and sift the wheat from the chaff. Do you approve that mass mobilization gives way to politics? Or are the politicians conniving benefactors of others’ work? When one appeals to the ‘martyrs’ is it from grief and desire for redemption, or lip service in the quest for legitimacy?

God you know the answers to the questions of men’s hearts. Whereas much of Egypt is confused, give insight for where to put their confidence and support. Direct men to the proper consensus; that which yields what is right and best. Give humility to the vanguard, give reflection to the masses. Give wisdom to the nation’s leaders. Take away fear; replace it with power, courage, and love.

God, the 25th may be huge, or it may come and go as one more day on the path of transition to somewhere. Regardless, may the outcome be towards a system that honors people, respects their dignity, and protects their sovereignty. Bless Egypt, God. Make her whole.


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