Friday Prayers for Egypt


After a slow week, there is a pause to return to basics. Bless the military council; give them wisdom to govern the country. Give them commitment to honor the transition. Give them humility to seek support. Give them patience in the face of criticism. Give them repentance over any errors. Give them justice, in all matters.

Bless the revolutionaries; give them courage to call failure to account. Give them strength to stand against opposition. Give them openness to the views of others. Give them hope to fuel their cause and remain peaceful. Give them patience, in all matters.

Bless the politicians; give them sincerity to represent their constituency. Give them transparency to reveal their agenda. Give them insight to seek consensus. Give them vision to build Egypt for all. Give them integrity, in all matters.

Bless the people; give them their daily bread. Give them love for their nation. Give them discernment between all who call for their support. Give them conviction to act. Give them security. Give them joy and a sense of humor. Give them recognition of the moment in which they live. Give them peace, in all matters.

God, bless Egypt. Give her your love.

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