Friday Prayers for Egypt: Elections


Thank you for peaceful elections. Thank you for having them relatively free of major violations. Thank you for the excitement and commitment of the people to stand in line for hours. May they not get tired, as they must do it again in a few days for the runoff.

Thank you for that which reflects the will of the people. Thank you for their share in the coming government. Thank you for another step in the transition process. May belief and consensus be built in the coming days and weeks.

God, continue to protect Egypt as elections move to the remaining governorates. As some of these regions are more familiar with family and tribal rivalries, and even violence therein, may the spirit of peace reign as these loyalties remain in play. Help voters to select those who will best represent them.

Grant wisdom, God, to those who left the protests to vote, who must decide whether or not to remain in Tahrir. This is more than an election, God, it is a revolution. Grant increasing legitimacy to rotating representative government – if you hold this to be best – even as other means are employed. May they all be peaceful, God, even if they must confront power. Keep the nation free from bloodshed. May consensus emerge from the many voices, interests, and methods of the revolution.

God, bring Islamists and liberals together. Cause Copts and Salafis to embrace. Even as entities remain political enemies, may they respect each other out of mutual love for Egypt. Build relationships along divisive lines. Grant the military wise stewardship of this process, and may all learn the levels of efficacious trust. May all be free from duplicity and manipulation.

Thank you, God, for a good start to a long process. While many questions and issues remain, give the people space to celebrate. Yet double their commitment to see the process through. In the end, God, all these decisions about politics are yours; you grant a land its leaders. May they be wise, humble, and work in your fear. May you bless Egypt through them. May you build Egypt through them. Help them to know the weight of their charge, and seek you accordingly.


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