Friday Prayers for Egypt: The Friday of One Demand


In fact there were two: An April deadline for presidential elections with return to civilian rule, and withdrawal of a document granting the military a special role in crafting the constitution. Furthermore, there were two groups protesting: The substantial majority was Islamist; the sizeable minority was youth/leftist/liberal reminiscent of the revolution. The latter continue their direct calls against the military-as-old regime; the former inch closer to this conclusion, but still has wiggle room to avoid it.

Bless the politics of Egypt, God. It is easy for principle to mix with self-interest, with all parties susceptible.

Bless the confluence of political forces at the demonstration, God. While they have a common aim it seems clear they do not share a common end. If they worked together despite differences, honor them. If their partnership is of convenience, protect each one from the other, should disappointment follow their parting.

Bless those who stayed behind, God. Liberal parties either condemned the demonstration as injurious to security, judged the event too Islamist, or else desired an arbiter to protect a civil constitution. If their stance was from principle, honor them. If it was of connivance, increase their faith. Egypt needs all segments engaged, that the final result might be reflective of all.

Bless the military leadership, God. Today’s demonstration placed much pressure upon them. If their goals were noble, honor them that they not yield from force on what is right. If their ambition ran unbridled, give them pause to honor the people and guide Egypt through this transitional period. Give them wisdom, give them grace, give them vision.

Bless the remaining multitudes of citizens, God. As elections approach, fill them with love of nation that they may participate fully. Guide their decisions and produce a parliament fitting for its people. Grant the people a participatory experience to cement their commitment to and share in good governance. May they hold all future officials accountable.

God, guide all in this coming week through the fallout of this demonstration. May decisions lead to outcomes of peace, consistent with justice. Bless Egypt, God, and cause her to prosper.


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