Friday Prayers for Egypt


How good and pleasant it is for brothers to live together in unity. Elections in Egypt need not fracture unity, nor the writing of a new constitution. Yet they may. Perhaps they have. Or perhaps they will forge a new unity.

Foundations are being laid, God. Grant the people a firm cornerstone of a constitution. Give them a clean and pure political process to build upon. So much is important in these coming days. Strengthen the people to stand for the good of Egypt. Awaken them to take hold of the destiny of their nation. Focus their discernment to sort right from wrong. Purify their heart in innocence and wisdom, to find what it is you desire for this country.

God, cause all those who manipulate and seek their own to be exposed. Rebuke them, God, to prevent their machinations. Bring them to confession, and then to restoration. Let unity prevail, even as agendas clash. May good triumph; may it love and honor all who stand against it.

God, bless Egypt. Give her rulers wisdom, her people determination. Guide her in the days to come.


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