Friday Prayers for Egypt


Things are still in a bit of a daze. There have been no escalations since Maspero, no multiplied scenes of sectarian tension, as best I have heard. Thank you for this, God. Thank you for the wise and calming words from different sectors of society. Thank you for the outrage which preoccupied many. God, may this tragedy pass.

But may it not be neglected or set aside. Bring the guilty to justice, God; heal wounds of body and spirit. The investigation is ongoing, and so much is unclear. The accusations leveled against Copts, even if not broadened to all, may still cause them to shrink back from society and into the church. They may still cause Muslims to wonder about the Coptic community and leadership. God, remove suspicions and grant transparency. Open hearts to receive each other. May the religions not only resist efforts to divide, but also find strength to build. May the initiative be led by love.

God, grant wisdom to the governing powers. May they with prudence handle the demands of the people, especially original ones for freedom, dignity, and social justice. May they stamp out corruption, restore security, revive the economy, and, enable a thorough investigation. May they receive the support of the people, while held to real accountability. Honor them, God, for their service; guide them in your holy fear.

If issues following Maspero are to be moved to the political arena, then make the parties capable. Squabbles are natural; may they reflect the burdens of members rather than the ambition of leaders. Help Egypt to craft a system where all is in the open; may governance stem from legitimate representatives. May Egypt win such honor soon.

God, so much is confusing, for so many. Give Egypt hope. If you grant answers, grant also tranquility. Yet above all, give Egypt love, for love covers over a multitude of sins. Egypt’s sins are many, God, and you are the gracious and merciful. Bring repentance, and bring healing. For the sake of those killed, both now and before, bring resurrection.



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