Friday Prayers for Egypt


This was a difficult week for Egypt. Sectarian issues emerged once more, and political wrangling led to agreement, only to end in further discord. Bless Egypt, God. Keep her stable; make her successful. Repair the damages done this week.

A small Christian community in an overwhelmingly Muslim village sought to make their place of worship look like a church, and may have been less than forthcoming in their efforts. A Muslim response was to destroy their effort and burn it down. Egypt groaned as this issue resurfaced, and Christians took to the street only to be dispersed from their sit-in.

God, there is so much to pray for. Keep this incident from dividing Muslim from Christian in other areas of Egypt. Give the local Christians insight to honor people over buildings, and repent of any pride or selfishness. Give the local Muslims security of faith, so as not to be threatened by the faith of another. Give both the will to embrace the other, and find joint community solutions to that which threatens social peace.

For the Copts of Egypt, give them security of faith as well. Give them confidence that you are working for their good, and the good of the nation. Encourage them to be active in serving their community and defending religious rights, theirs and those of others. Give them wisdom to know the appropriate means, and strength to stand firm in the face of a challenge. Yet may they be characterized by love and compassion, seeking the interests of others as they seek their own.

God, grant the state firmness of hand and sovereignty of law. Restore security and reform abuses. May Egypt, in the midst of its difficult transitions, neglect not the issues of justice and fairness for all, even the least of its population.

Help the state as well, God, to craft political consensus. Parties and military adopted an election timetable, only to have the parties fall under internal conflict. An Islamist faction stands apart from this compromise, even as its coalition with a liberal faction teeters, and perhaps has fallen. What is best for Egypt, God? Shall all political elements come together in preserved unity? Should each seek its own good, compromise, and let the people chose between options? Regardless, God, may all play fair and not manipulate within their varied means.

God, you already know the future of Egypt, which has been designed for the good of all, even if beyond the comprehension of man. May this future be peaceful, prosperous, and free. May those acting now from your gift of freedom do so in accordance with your will. Give Egyptians of all stripes confidence and faith in your sovereignty, along with industriousness of heart to do all within their power to fulfill their honest understanding of what your sovereignty intends. In the end God, merge these visions together, and honor all.

God, heal Egypt. May the scars and atrophy from the surgery of revolution receive the therapy necessary to enliven a dormant vitality. In their frustration, may Egyptians call out to you, and receive your answer, your mercy, and your grace.


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