Friday Prayers for Egypt


Egyptians want to put right the revolution. Today they have been vehement against its guardian. Major demonstrations have taken place again, with many accusing the armed forces of failure to accede to the revolutionary demands they promised to protect. Some demand a timetable for surrendering their authority.

God, give wisdom to the ruling leaders. The care of 85 million people is in their hands; the task of rebuilding a nation is at their feet. If there is unhealthy ambition, God, curb it. If there is a lack of trust in the people, help the people to prove trustworthy. If there is legitimate fear of Islamists, may they be exposed. If there is illegitimate fear, may they craft strong bonds with all political trends. May the military carry its charge well, and surrender it in due time.

God, too often revolutionary pushes are met with distractions, and today has witnessed among the worst kind. Sectarian issues have erupted in a city of Upper Egypt, and Christians homes are reportedly on fire. Details are still scant; bless those who are collecting them – that they might report judiciously. Bless those who are suffering – that they might have patience, peace, and forgiveness. Bless those who have struck them – that they might repent. Bless Egypt – that she would rally against any such barbarity, and possibly manipulation. Keep Egypt on a straight path; as it has long been crooked, make it straight.

Give such grace as well, God, to those who are rallying for their economic share. Many have succeeded recently; if this is for your praise, God, may it be given. Yet may their victory not inspire others to push beyond what is their due. For those who need due recompense, and have long worked without it, may they find gracious management, and wisdom if otherwise. Egypt is not strong to handle a deluge of labor protests; yet make Egypt strong so that each may receive his right. May generosity trump selfishness; a living wage the bottom line. Help so many Egyptians escape from poverty.

God, may Egyptians repent of their sins. May they find wisdom and courage. May they banish their fear and unleash their creativity. May they embrace each other, in submission and challenge, rebuke and encouragement, accountability and love. May Egypt be a light and beacon to all.


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