Friday Prayers in Egypt


Give Egypt patience, hope, stamina, and faith. As events wind down, they are also heating up. Guide Egypt through these critical days.

A protest scheduled today attracted only a few hundred people. It seems the revolutionary phase is ending, and the state building phase is underway. Election laws are being issued, parties and candidates jockey for position, and one wonders if the street is engaged at all. Yet it may be premature to declare the revolution over; major protests are threatened if the elections are postponed, while labor and student groups continue to agitate despite an increase in legal consequence.

God, does idealism have expiration? Does pragmatism necessitate manipulation? How should hope and faith balance with patience and stamina? Give revolutionaries, politicians, public servants, and leaders a keen will to continue seeing Egypt through to freedom, peace, dignity, and democracy. May they get their hands dirty but keep their hearts clean. Give strength, God, give belief.

God, give perspective. Help the people see and appreciate what has been accomplished, even as vision is necessary to keep the end goal in mind. Regardless of the system to come, God, may it be one that respects the people, hold leaders accountable, and operates without corruption. May it facilitate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the universal and most moral sense.

May those now engaged in crafting this system respect one another, putting the public good over individual or party interest. God, mutual suspicions abound, and may be deserved. Yet do not let fear drive the creation of the new state, God. May it be built upon sublime principles which honor your creation. May it yield to majority without infringing on minority. May it acknowledge the inviolability of the individual, and the nobility of group and custom. God, protect Egypt, but more, unleash her. Give the people rise to shape their own destiny. May she know peace; may she know strength. God, may this be for the good of all.


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