Friday Prayers for Egypt


Does Egypt matter to you? Does America? Does Israel? Does Kiribati? You care about people, God, and there is confidence you care about peoples, also. But do you care about nations? Do you care about borders? These are man-made constructs; do they concern you much, or at all?

It has been a quiet week in Egypt, God, and we thank you for this. Ramadan has ended, which may open more protests. Sort the good from the bad, God, and honor all who are striving to improve the lot of those they represent, even if wrong. Guide Egypt through the upcoming election season, which nervously intersected with the end of Ramadan – as usual, but perhaps amplified, for good or for ill. These local human efforts touch individual lives at the corner of Main and Elm, or Istiklal and Shuhada. Bless those who work for the improvement of their communities, and curb those motivated solely by ambition.

But what of those at higher levels, God? What of the bankers, financiers, oil barons/sheikhs, media personalities, military generals, and corporate heads around the world? Rumors of these have encircled Egypt from the days of the revolution, and long before. Much has been achieved through simple human bravery. Much has aimed to restore dignity, to help the poor, and to purge corruption. Bless these efforts, God, and the people who have brought them to bear.

Yet is there anything greater at work, God? As there are those who plaster campaign posters, there are those who cast votes at the United Nations. There are those who set interest rates. There are those who determine the nightly newscast. Their daily routines may not rub elbows with an elderly widow or a local grocer, but their decisions fall on thousands like them.

Keep these accountable, God. Preserve their humanity. Give them deep commitment to improve the lives of ordinary people. For whatever system or era or philosophy they guide this world through, may it result in good.

So does it matter, God, if this good is for Imbaba, or for Egypt, or for North Africa, or the Arab world, or the Western world, or the globe as a whole in ever expanding networks of interconnectedness? As some individuals move the lives of a particular back alley, others move the lives of entire continents. All are your creation, God. All have a conscience. Prick the hearts of the great and mighty, as you do the small and humble. May each bear the responsibility you have given, and fulfill their trust.

God, may Egypt, or if better stated the Egyptians, trust you to provide greater than $2 a day, and greater than $1.3 billion a year. In each case, God, you care deeply about both granter and recipient; lift their dignity and provide justice for all. As they trust, and as they cry out, incline your ear. Yet may their trust be wholehearted; may their cries be righteous.

Bring good to this nation, God. Bring good to this people. Bring good to the world.


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