Friday Prayers for Egypt


Wisdom is needed now, even more than before. Egypt’s troubles have spilled across the border. Many of them may not even be Egypt’s problems, but it is her border. And now, several Egyptian officers are dead, seemingly at the hand of her much reviled neighbor.

God, give a slow hand to those in authority. Amid the outrage, temper the anger of the people. Silence those who will manipulate events to advance an agenda of rejection, hatred, and violence. Appoint people to discover the truth, and then to act appropriately, with whatever necessary severity. God, prevent escalation. Give people hope that justice will come through civil means. Even as there may be little faith, make this your miracle.

God, the recent events make internal arguments pale in comparison. Yet healing is needed here as well. Political groups came together to endorse principles for the coming constitution, then immediately divided again on their nature as guiding or binding. Activists and political forces came together against military trials for civilians, though the issue has not yet settled. Before the events on the border, much rancor enveloped these divisions. Is it any consolation they may now be lessened, or at least suspended?

Politics is struggle, and unanimity is not imagined. God, may each fight fairly. May each be honest, open, and transparent. Even so, enlarge the spheres of agreement, so these disputes may settle on the details.

But if politics is struggle, war is its dreaded continuation by other means. Most prayer is necessary for disputants beyond the border, God. Grant them the wisdom and forbearance which appears in short supply. Bring peace and justice; bring understanding, trust, and love. Such is an impossible cry, God, but these are your currency. For those unable to pray this in the middle of their conflict, accept it God, from those who can intercede for them. God, you hold the heart of the king in your hand. Turn the hearts of all toward peace.

And for Egypt, God, may these developments not spoil her advancements made. Protect her border; rid her of violent men. Yet protect with more tenacity the goodness of the Egyptian people; may they not turn toward hatred. May they see justice satisfied, and may their hearts cry out to you until it comes. Yet fill them with compassion for the unjust and beg your forgiveness upon them, as upon themselves.

God, protect Egypt. May her next steps set a new tone of diplomacy for the region, and may she be a leader for peace.


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