Friday Prayers for Egypt


Thank you that the bloodshed of other nations has been largely avoided in Egypt. Where this bloodshed exists, God, intercede and bring peace, along with justice.

But the absence of bloodshed does not mean peace, necessarily. God, many hearts are hardened toward one another. In such a climate, who can weigh motivations? God, in even the best of climates, only you can weigh them.

Do demonstrators push the envelope too far? Do the authorities push back too hard? Are politicians pushed by the winds of interest? Are the people tired of all the pushing?

God, may it be that each of these pursues their path for the love of Egypt. So many are accused of other motivations; undoubtedly, some are.

God, you can redeem contradictory visions that move in different directions. You can even redeem plans that stem from selfish hearts. Do so, God, and purify all in the process.

Purify also from the excess of speculation. Help people to think; help them to perceive. Enliven their spirits to discern right from wrong. Yet curb the rush to pronounce judgment on limited evidence. Add trust to the process, to sufficient degree.

God, so many believed in the revolution, and many believe still. For others, their faith is being tested. May hearts remain pure, soft, and vulnerable, despite hurts inflicted, or suspected. May forgiveness and grace proceed from all parties. Soften words of insult; harden resolve and accountability.

God, bring justice, now on its biggest stage. The president is not above his crimes; may he meet with appropriate punishment, and escape any undue charges. May the law rule; may there be sanction, and not retribution. Revenge, God, is only for you.

Justice helps the heart, God, but it does not heal it. Bring healing to Egypt; she has suffered much for decades. May truth be established for all to see. May reconciliation end in the embrace of all Egyptians.

Yet so many are still fighting, and that over issues far removed from the national cause. Bless the good nature of the people, as so little violence has occurred in the void of security and the proliferation of weapons. Still, the violence increases; stability is needed. God, protect the people.

There is so much unknown, God, yet a calm of sorts has settled. It may be a false calm, or forced, or exhausted. It may not last. But we pray for progress in this transition; we pray for freedom and dignity and justice. We pray for peace. We pray for the authorities, that they may have wisdom to govern. We pray for the people that they might have courage to press on. We pray for all, that they might love one another. God, your hand is needed. Honor Egypt, God. Keep her on the right path, amidst all her challenges. Make her pure, and keep her so.


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