Friday Prayers for Egypt


Is there good from breaking agreements, managing spin, and rejecting the other? Maybe. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated freely today. People. People you love, God. People who are valuable. People who strive to make something of themselves for this world. Honor them, God. Protect them from evil.

Protect Egypt, God. Protect her from manipulations. Protect her from agendas. Protect her from her own children. Protect her from those who claim to represent them.

Times are confusing, God. Perhaps they are dangerous. Perhaps the danger is simply manufactured. Yet in confusing times a rock is needed. God, be that rock for many. May the people fear you. May they love you. May they commit themselves to good for your sake.

But God, today it seems the claim to you only serves to divide. It is more than the claim, it is the vision they have of you. When you are involved, too often complexity is replaced by an undue simplicity. Can things be simple? Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly. God, may we weep over anything more complex than this. All the while, help Egypt engage the complexity she now faces.

So if you have become divisive, God, give people the rock of your image in man. It is a lesser rock, but it is firm. May they people rally around their common humanity. May your grace unite them. May each honor the other. May each love the other. May each, beyond comprehension, seek the interest of the other.

God, can Egypt trust this way? Is this your way? Or must they fight, claw, and elbow for each inch of the public arena? Perhaps you are known in that very arena. Reveal yourself, God, to each one fighting for truth as best they know it. Rebuke each one fighting for that which is selfish, however noble the ends, as best they believe them. Be good to Egypt, God. Be merciful.

You have been so good already. Thank you, and help Egypt to be thankful. Help her to see your hand at work amidst the confusion and complexity. Help peace to come. May there be justice for all. May you be praised.


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