A Tour of the Caspers’ Second Apartment

In front of our home

Last year we made a video of our home here in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.  While it was the perfect spot for us at the time, we knew our time there was limited since the landlord’s son was slotted to take it over once he got married.  So in anticipation of that event, we searched on and off for our second place in Maadi.

We desired to find an apartment with a yard within our price range, but Cairo is a major city, and even in the green, upper-middle class neighborhood of Maadi, private yards are not so affordable.  But we tried our luck and called a real estate agent with our price limit as well as the requirement of some sort of garden.  Within a day or two, he called us back and offered to show us what is now our current home.  We decided within a few days to move in, and our first landlord agreed to let us out of the contract early, as well as return our security deposit – two things which rarely happen here – as he was eager to begin getting the apartment ready for his son.  And so, with our newborn baby and two toddlers in tow, we moved down the street about five blocks.

We were able to borrow a friend’s car for the gradual move, and this allowed us to move almost all of our things to the new apartment over five trips in five days.  I would take two girls in our double stroller, with a few things in the basket underneath, while Jayson took a car-load and one girl to the new place.  He usually beat me there, but not always!  Sometimes walking in Cairo is faster than driving.  And by the end of the week, one truckload of furniture completed our move.

We have now been in this apartment for a whole year, and have renewed our lease for the coming year.  It has been a good place for us.  We look forward to what the next year brings here in Egypt and in our home on Road 73.

Please click here for the tour.

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