Friday Prayers for Egypt


Tension, excitement, controversy, conspiracy, violence, zeal, folly, persistence, desperation, frustration, confusion. It is difficult to describe all the adjectives experienced in Egypt right now. What will today bring? Thousands will gather across the nation, as they did during the revolution. The police are withdrawing; threats are present. Maybe nothing will happen; maybe today could be monumental – for either good or bad.

God, you know the hearts of all; you determine the course of nations. Give peace to Egypt – to Tahrir, to Alexandria, to Suez. Protect them who have gathered; give them wisdom and mercy.

So much is confusing, God, protect the hearts of all, first and foremost. May they have your zeal for righteousness. May they have your mercy for sinners. May they have your grace towards those who stand in opposition. May they have your wisdom to navigate the challenges ahead of them.

God, many demonstrators suspect their leaders, while much of the population still thanks them for preserving Egypt from a fate like Syria. They are the only order left, and their promises are to return power to civilians. God, they need wisdom more than most. A protestor can afford to press forward recklessly, and to some degree needs to. But a leader must survey the whole situation.

God, you know their hearts. Bless them and guide them to bring about your best society. May they be faithful to their charge, faithful to the people, seeking the good of Egypt, but of none in particular.

Much fury, God, falls on the police. Manipulated for decades to serve the regime, they stand in the middle of so many factions, which does not mean necessarily that they stand aloof. But neither are they monolithic. Help those angry with them to differentiate between the system – still in need of reform – with the individuals – many in need of forgiveness. May those police of pure heart distinguish themselves; may they ensure the good conduct of their colleagues.

God, almost all political forces have come to demonstrate today. It is good they keep the unity of the moment, but much divides them. Keep these forces safe, even from one another. The scene is charged, God; misunderstandings may be common, and provocation possible. May they not implode from the pressures.

God, nearly all praise the revolution, but a revolutionary spirit is dangerous. You are pleased when men seek justice, but it so easily transforms into a lack of love. Love, meanwhile, can so easily be exploited. There is much love for the nation, but this can be pressed by contrary visions for her good. Let their love be for righteousness, for goodness, for mercy, for forgiveness – and may wisdom show them how to apply these for the sake of Egypt. Revolutions may fail, God, but love will not.

But love may suffer. Today, God, may they not. Keep them safe. Build Egypt once again. Preserve this nation in dignity, with all her people.  

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