Friday Prayers for Egypt


Give Egypt a good president, a good parliament, and a good constitution. Give her the wisdom to know in which order to start. So many are divided on this matter, and it is of utmost importance for the future of the country. Personal interests, party politics, and popular sovereignty all confuse the issue concerning what is best for Egypt. Yet this is exactly what we ask: Good men in all these roles, serving a good document built on national consensus.

Guide Egypt, God, to such consensus; raise up the men and women who can lead her there.

God, give Egypt security. Thank you for progress made. Hundreds of criminals have been arrested. Alleged terrorists have been apprehended returning from abroad. Prosecution has begun for those accused of sectarian attacks. Citizen groups are partnering with police. Yet thousands of criminals are still at large, and accusations of police brutality linger. Egypt has much to change from its previous policy; much to rebuild following the revolution.  

God, help her to do so. May the people live in peace, secure in the rule of law, consciously applied.

God, thank you for all that has taken place, both the good and the bad. May people trust your sovereignty, and confidently work on behalf of greater principles. Honor the many good people here, God, who wish the best for their nation. Rebuke, forgive, and guide those who mix their efforts with private gains or narrow interests.

God, give wisdom to Egyptians, to the coming electorate, to be able to tell the difference between them.


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