Friday Prayers for Egypt


To some degree, it is difficult to know what to pray for. Perhaps this issues from a privileged vantage point. Many of the troubles of the country are difficult to see from where we sit.

But God, we hear of them. We hear of a troubled economy which hits hardest upon the poor. We hear of fights with police with some reluctant to – or unable to – impose order. We hear of thugs who impose their will on certain areas.

It is a sad prayer, God, but thank you for shielding us, and many, perhaps even most – from these troubles. May our thanks become tangible in prayers for them, and in creativity to know what we can do to help.

Perhaps part of helping is in celebrating what is good. It is in remaining positive and vigilant. It is in keeping faith with you and with humanity. No true opportunity comes without struggle. People are struggling; struggling to keep hope. Strengthen them, God. Encourage and uplift them. Most have been good. This merits no reward; yet increase to them your grace.

Flood your grace upon Egypt’s leaders, God. Give them all wisdom to guide the people through to a new constitution, new elections, and new government. Give them knowledge to weigh the different proposals before them, politically and economically. Give them discernment to judge between those who wish to curry their favor, as well as those who offer help with undisclosed motives. Give them integrity to resist the corruption that comes so easily with power.

God, where there is confusion, give vision. Where there is worry, give peace. Make the people one, God, and make the country whole. May it be a place in which you take pleasure.


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