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Friday Prayers for Egypt


Things seemed calmer this week, so thank you. Yet it was probably a surface calm, in which tensions and frustrations linger, either unexpressed or else un-received. This can be even more damaging to trust; when communication stalls, assumptions can take over.

There were some efforts to connect between distanced parties, but it is hard to know what to make of them. God, help each to know their role, which is so difficult when all is subject to redefinition. Help the wise to listen; help the young to respect their elders. Help each to value the other, while keeping each accountable in their proper roles. Perhaps you alone, God, know what these are. Communicate your thoughts to all, for the blessing of Egypt.

Meanwhile, amidst internal questions, foreign diplomacy continues. So many wish to place Egypt within their defined interests; enticements abound. God you know what Egypt needs; you know what is right in this world. Help Egypt to know herself, and what she should be. Help her to play a role of peace in the region; help her to work for justice.

God, we don’t know what is coming. Some are hopeful, others fear. Yet in the present, Egypt needs safety; she needs security. We don’t know why it is sometimes lacking. We thank you that so often life proceeds as normal. Bless the people for their goodness of character; many others would have yielded to their baser natures already.

God, for those who have, deny them. Confuse them. Convict them. Change them. Forgive them. Do not allow them to spoil Egypt.

Stay with this country, God. Walk with her as she moves through troubling, but promising, times. Give patience, give wisdom, give hope. Give courage and conviction. Give humility. May Egypt reflect your desires for this world. May she be a beacon and encouragement to all.


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