Friday Prayers for Egypt


Things don’t feel right, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. Many people have a disquiet about the state of their nation, and some are starting to point fingers.

Some fingers point to the army. People fear there is leniency toward the former regime. People fear they are not committed to the goals of the revolution. People fear they are playing games with security, and playing favorites in partisan interest.

God, may it not be so. Help people to keep the balance necessary in obeying the leaders appointed them while simultaneously holding them accountable. Give wisdom to the army to balance between its many pressures to establish the coming society, felt diversely both internally and externally. Many clamor for their interest; help the army to keep the interest of Egypt primary.

Some fingers point to the media. People fear the news is engineered to produce desired reactions. People fear their statements are taken out of context. People fear they advance agendas rather than report reality.

God, may it not be so. Help those who influence the views of millions to yield to their consciences and honor the truth. Give them conviction and integrity to perform their job well. Help their biases, altogether natural, to be subjected to the story.

Some fingers point to Islamist parties. People fear they will win the coming elections substantially, and then organize society according to their convictions. People fear they are not sincere when discussing democracy. People fear that having been long oppressed, they may soon oppress in turn.

Some fingers point to liberal parties. People fear they deny you and the place of religion in society. People fear they represent a current foreign to Egypt. People fear they seek to craft the new state from the vision of the elite minority, not from the voice of the people.

God, may it not be so. Give pure hearts to all politicians. Help these to put the common interests of Egypt above any particular vision. Help them to balance what they believe you want them to do, with the fact that others disagree about your will. Help the people to trust, to believe, to work together, yet to be wise and wary. Make politicians worthy of this trust.

God, it appears society is dividing. For politics this is natural and good; for a nascent state it is dangerous. Help people to forge strong bonds of common commitment. Help people to get to know one another across ideological and religious lines. May that which is right and good triumph, and may all be convinced of it. May selfish ambition be exposed and defeated. May each honor the good present wherever it is found. May blessings abound, one to another.

God, many fear. Replace this with hope. Replace this with love. Prepare for Egypt the future you desire.


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