Friday Prayers for Egypt


There was tragedy this week. A church was attacked, a church was burned, a community was at odds with itself, and many people died. Almost worse, many are blamed, and in different directions. Who is behind this? Where does the evil come from?

Give patience, God. Give forgiveness. Give justice. Give love. Give wisdom. Give answers. Give mercy to all. Help people to know what to do. Help people to be constructive. Help people to find good out of evil.

Keep people from rush to judgment. Keep people from demonizing the other. Keep people trustful of their fellow man. Keep the good of Egypt central to all.

Bless this people, God. Bless the activists. Bless the criminals. Bless the politicians. Bless the clerics. Bless the army. Bless all who influence to any degree.

So much is confusing, God. Yet so many cling to answers that seem simple. Yet simple is needed. What is the simple good that I can do? What is the simple word that I can speak? What is the simple faith that I must have?

God, give peace. Give rest. May Egypt know your presence. Amen.

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