Tabulations and Clues

One day left to go, so here are some statistics and a final picture.

There were 20 people who responded with guesses.

Among these there were 29 guesses.

None got both names right.

No one guessed the first name correctly.

The middle name was guessed correctly.

The most popular first name was Sarah, at 24%.

The most popular middle names were Grace (41%) and Joy (34%).

Neither of these choices are correct.

The correct first name contains two letters twice each.

One letter is found in Julie’s name, the other in both Emma’s and Hannah’s.

Another letter is found in Jayson’s name.

Further guesses are welcome.

The answer, God willing, to be given tomorrow.

2 replies on “Tabulations and Clues”

SOOO i’m gonna take a guess this time since i didnt post anything last time you blogged. because of your clues and from what i remember from when you had hannah and were suggesting names with IHOPS, i’m gonna go with the ‘I’ which was Isabella…or Isabelle, i can’t remember which one it was. but both names have two L’s and two E’s or A’s depending on which one.and for the middle name? I’m going to go with Faith. Isabella Faith. whatever name you give her she’s gonna be suuuper cute and i can not wait to see her! 🙂


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