A Seven Minute Walk to Work

We have been blessed in our location here in Maadi, Cairo, in that my office is located walking distance from our home. Seven minutes walking distance, to be precise. Since working hours can be somewhat flexible, this means that most days I am able to come home for lunch, then return to work for the afternoon. This makes four jaunts every day, equaling nearly half an hour. Not a bad exercise routine.

We don’t know if this arrangement will last forever. Our oldest daughter is three years old, meaning that we are already considering schooling options, many of which are outside of Maadi. While it is not a given that we would live in the same neighborhood as the school, it is our current preference. This would likely mean a twenty to thirty minute metro ride, twice a day, not nearly as good for exercise or for lunch options.

The other consideration is that we do stay in Maadi, but in another apartment. The one we are renting currently is furnished, which was our choice for year one in Egypt but more expensive long term. There are many nice parts of Maadi, but while some might be even closer to work, others might mean my exercise program increases to twenty or thirty minute stretches. Possible lunch complications are here as well.

Do you get the idea I enjoy lunch? Being able to be home in the middle of the day also gives us the advantage of having our big meal earlier, allowing for bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, and hummus to serve as dinner on most nights. It is a nice privilege to arrange the day in this way, but may be threatened by a future move.

Anyway, the point of this post is to allow you a look into my daily commute. I have provided narration for the various landmarks I pass, which for me is by now normal, but gives a good picture of a typical Maadi neighborhood. Maadi is not at all a typical Egyptian neighborhood, however; please notice the greenery you will encounter is rare for the concrete jungle of Cairo.

One final note: Apologies for the final scene – I forgot in filming that I had just utilized the zoom lens.

Please click here to enjoy the YouTube video.

5 replies on “A Seven Minute Walk to Work”

Thanks for the walk to work tour. It’s fun to see where you live and work. The best to all the Caspers. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Most excellent and very interesting. I like the fact that the trees and plants are green in February. Parts of your walk and your neighborhood look very similar to Asuncion, Paraguay where Dina is from and some of the neighborhoods of Mexico City.


Jason the snow keeps coming, haven’t experienced this type of snow fall since 1996
You said that you were walking, quick stepping I think you ment, burning off those lunch calories…
Possibily a nice schooling opinion for your future consideration, why would you move and give up the lunch.
Though you said the streets are rather clean, I know you feel like being at home seeing the trash in your neighborhood. Yes I agree there are some very nicely maintained neighborhoods with tree lined streets for your strolling pleasure.
Thank you for the monthly update
God’s peace and continued blessing in friendships and work.
All heaven rejoices over the repenting heart of ONE, may your living in His presence be an experience, enjoyed blessing by all that you have contact with on a daily basis. Based on the scripture that we should look for oppurtunites to do well to all men especially to those in God’s household.
My love sent in His name


Jayson, thanks so much for another glimpse into your lives there. The trees along the roads are beautiful, are they olive trees….a couple looked like they could be. The area seems very peaceful. I noticed some people walking by and they didn’t seem bothered to have a white person carrying a camera and filming. All the best to you as you continue on there. Give a big hello to Julie and the girls…all are looking very well. How is Julie feeling these days?


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