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Will $335 Million Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?

CT spoke with eight leaders—three Sudanese, four American, and one Palestinian—concerned with the course of religious freedom and regional stability. Their reactions vary. “Christians are very happy,” said Aida Weran, academic officer at Nile Theological College in Khartoum. “We see Sudan’s changes becoming reality.” Weran is optimistic the deal with Israel will open the economy, […]

Lebanon Prayer: Hands

God, France watched it all with disappointment. Several weeks since their promise to push forward reforms, politicians still squabble. But the offer is pending. Aid can still come, though Macron washed his hands of responsibility. And now, Lebanon has a prime minister again. The leading Sunni figure will return to his post, if he can […]

Azerbaijan Evangelicals: Conflict with Armenians Is Not a Religious War

Vadim Melnikov once fought for the land of Noah. Donning his Azerbaijani uniform 17 years ago, the ethnic Russian took his post to defend Nakhchivan, an Azeri enclave bordering Turkey and separated from their countrymen by the nation of Armenia. Known in both the Armenian and Azeri languages as “the place of descent,” referring to […]

Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Can Azeris Join Them?

Bahri Beytel never thought he would find Turkish food in Armenia. An ethnic Turk and former Muslim, the pastor of Bethel Church in Istanbul skipped McDonalds and KFC in Yerevan, the capital city, in order to complete a spiritual mission. Six years ago, prompted to take a journey of reconciliation, he went in search of […]

Lebanon Prayer: Flicker

God, As demonstrators gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of their uprising, they brought candles. There were chants. There were flags. But this time, no dancing. No celebration. Instead they marched to the port. To commemorate not a movement, but a tragedy. Honor this, God. Much has been lost in this year of protest. The […]

Gambia’s New Sharia-Friendly Constitution Fails. But Christians Are Still Concerned.

The Gambia almost had a new constitution. Instead, the English-speaking, sliver-shaped West African river nation—known for Muslim-Christian coexistence—will return to the 1997 constitution instituted by former dictator Yahya Jammeh and amended by him more than 50 times to entrench his power. One year before being deposed in 2016 by popular protests, Jammeh declared Gambia to […]


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