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Lebanon Prayer: Comfort, Comfort

God, “Comfort, comfort,” wrote Isaiah. The time of hardship has now passed. Gentle words to heal a people. A highway straightened for their God. God, these words are needed now. The suffering is not complete. In the past you punished double recompense for all their sins. How much more is due for Lebanon? For civil […]

Algeria Returns a Historic Church, But Stops Christian Worship at 20 Others

Algerian Christians finally have something to celebrate. Amid a rash of church closures the past two years, the North African nation’s Council of State returned a historic worship site in Mostaganem, a port city on the Mediterranean coast, to the Algerian Protestant Church (EPA). The EPA loaned the building, which dates to the French colonial […]

Lebanon Prayer: Whiplash

God, I drive down the road—to the left and the right Are lines of the frustrated waiting for gas. I know, for I was in it. I sit in my house, and I wait for the beep— Electricity switches too often to count. A constant reminder the state can’t supply The power that is needed […]

Fortress Europe: As Islam Expands, Should the US Imitate the ‘Christian’ Continent?

Within three decades, Muslims may comprise 14 percent of Europe. The face of the historically Christian continent, tallied at 5 percent Muslim in 2016, may dramatically change by 2050 if high migration patterns hold. And as Muslim families have a birth rate one child higher than the rest of the continent, the Pew Research Center […]

Lebanon Prayer: 50-50

God, What are the chances, on so many fronts? Must Lebanon gamble, just to survive? Half of its medicines are still stuck in port, Awaiting the dollars that few can obtain. But a new plan has promised depositor access: Up to $50,000 can soon be withdrawn. The caveats, many. The confidence, slim. But hope on […]

The Syrian Vote

God, The question is valid: Why are they here? Tooting their horns and waving their flags. If Assad you want, then go back to Syria. Stop milking our welcome; your country is safe. The question is valid, perhaps even fair. But reactions conflict with your welcome of us. God we are sinners, and yet received […]


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