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Lebanon Prayer: Breathe

God, What do you pray for when nothing is happening? When all that is happening is getting worse. The nation is suffering while locked down entire. The hospital cots trade the dead for the sick. But with everything shuttered the other pain rises. If no one can work, then fewer can eat. In the north […]

Montenegro’s Churches Get a Religious Freedom Do-Over

Europe’s second-newest nation made a second effort this week at greater religious freedom. And evangelicals in Montenegro, the Balkan nation independent from Serbia since 2006, couldn’t be more pleased. “This is a great blessing, we are out of the gray zone and drawn into legal existence,” said Sinisa Nadazdin, pastor of Gospel of Jesus Christ […]

Word or Deeds: Shiite Firebrand Pledges to Restore Iraqi Christian Property

If Pope Francis can avoid the complications of COVID-19 travel and get to Iraq in March, he will hear a lot about stolen property. Muqtada al-Sadr, a leading Shiite politician fiercely opposed to the US military presence, has told Christians he will do something about it. The issue is not new. As Iraq’s pre-Gulf War […]

Lebanon Prayer: Solomon and Kipling

God, How do you pray for those who accuse each other of lying and cheating? One of them must be right. Maybe both? These are the leaders you have raised up for Lebanon. These are the leaders who raised up themselves. God, in the first, we lift them ourselves. We ask that you bless them […]

Trump and Biden Disagree on Sanctions. So Do Evangelicals Outside the US.

If President-elect Joe Biden makes good on his campaign rhetoric, his sanctions policy will meet the approval of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). Back in April, as even the strongest nations reeled from COVID-19, then-candidate Biden petitioned the Trump administration for sanctions relief on the hardest-hit nations—including Iran and Syria. “In times of global crisis, […]

After Israel, Will Morocco Normalize with Christians?

An excerpt, which follows an introduction about the three nations which signed the Abraham Accords to normalize with Israel: This month, the fourth, Morocco, was granted US recognition of its longstanding claim to the Western Sahara, a mostly desert region on the northwest coast of Africa, which seeks independence. But absent from the accords is […]


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