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If Muslims Can Build Churches in Egypt, Has Persecution Ended?

Egyptian Christians have long struggled to build their churches. But now, they can have Muslim help. Last month, Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawki Allam issued a fatwa (religious ruling) allowing Muslim paid labor to contribute toward the construction of a church. Conservative scholars had argued this violated the Quranic injunction to not help “in sin and […]

Who Will Save Algeria’s Closed Churches: the UN, US, or Hirak?

Algeria’s Christians hope that a one-two punch may reopen their churches. Last December, a letter from the United Nations asked the North African government to give account. And in recent days, popular protests resumed after crackdowns and a COVID-19 hiatus. Two years ago, Protestants cheered when the Algerian Hirak [Arabic for movement] forced the resignation […]

Lebanon Prayer: A New Judge

God, Six months. Starting over. Sort of. The Beirut explosion now has a new judge. A young man, respected, dares enter the fray. First he must scour the thousands of notes Left behind by the judge tossed aside for his work. Then he must weigh if those efforts were true. Were figures indicted the right […]

Interview: The Middle East Church Must Resemble Salt, not Rabbits

Pope Francis will make the first papal visit ever to Iraq in March to encourage the dwindling faithful. War and terrorism have hemorrhaged the nation’s Christians, but he hopes they might return. Meanwhile in Lebanon, Michel Abs, recently selected as the new leader of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), agrees with the pontiff. […]

Lebanon Prayer: Vaccine Doubt

God, The vaccine is here, and yet people doubt. What should be hope is cynicism. But why should it be otherwise? Our lives are full of conspiracy. Our lives are full of sin. Some trust not the Western make. Others reject Russia. Even in medicine rivalry reigns. A zero-sum game of interests. But much of […]

Hundreds of Churches Threatened by France’s Plan to End Muslim Separatism

Frustrated by years of terrorism inflicted by radical Islamists, France’s parliament is debating a law to end Muslim separatism. French evangelicals fear their churches will become collateral damage. “This is the first time, as president of the Protestant Federation of France, that I find myself in the position of defending freedom of worship,” said François […]


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