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Lebanon Prayer: Rotation

God, Is Lebanon simply spinning its wheels? Could success come instead by rotating portfolios? A deadline to form a new government has passed. Agreed by political parties with France, France then said there is no deadline. Will then the pattern of negotiation return? Will it be months until government forms? Months in extension of Lebanese […]

How Lebanon’s First Female Militant Made Her Fight More Faithful

On July 31, Jocelyne Khoueiry passed away mercifully five days before seeing Beirut destroyed, again. A key player in the civil war that once tore the city apart, she spent the rest of her life trying to stitch it back together, and all of Lebanon with it. The Beirut explosion on August 4 reminded many […]

Lebanon Prayer: More Fires

God, Lebanon needs a government. Lebanon needs accountability. In their absence, fires burn. An alleged welding accident sparked the most recent blaze, retraumatizing many. They opened their windows, fearing a blast. And in poured the smoke. Every solution yields a problem. Those who can, flee to the mountains. Those more able, take refuge abroad. And […]

Satellite Ministries Cross Boundaries. That’s Their Promise and Peril.

GOD TV celebrated too soon. The 25-year-old Christian broadcasting corporation was granted a license for a new Hebrew-language channel in Israel, and the CEO wanted to praise the Lord. “God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of his Jewish people,” said […]

Old Scars and New Wounds: Christians Comfort Lebanon’s Trauma

To a traumatized child, a teddy bear can make a big difference. But as the handful of Lebanese evangelicals trained in counseling are emphasizing in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion, so can an ordinary individual. “I don’t think the sit-with-a-psychologist model works with a communal culture,” said Kate Mayhew, country representative for the Mennonite […]

Sudan Agrees with Rebels to Remove Islam as State Religion

In signing successive peace deals with entrenched rebel movements last week, Sudan drew upon the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. “The constitution should be based on the principle of ‘separation of religion and state,’” read the text of an agreement between the North African nation’s joint military-civilian transitional council and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement–North (SPLM–N). […]


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