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Lebanon Prayer: 100k vs 0

God, “Ten thousand fall at your right hand,” but what of ten-fold increase? At first fell only seven. But only some deployed that day. The battle-tested, ready. So said the sayyid calling out the Christians killing Shiites— Who say of themselves ‘forces.’ “But no, you raided our side first. The people self-defended.” “You think we […]

Suing for Peace: Can Clerics Reconcile Armenia and Azerbaijan Better Than Courts?

After 17 tries, there is still no peace in Nagorno-Karabakh. Almost a year ago, Russia brokered a November 2020 ceasefire to end the 44-day war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Caucasus mountain enclave. Azerbaijan reclaimed most of its internationally recognized territory occupied since 1994 by ethnic Armenians, who demand independence. Armenia has been a […]

Egypt’s President Promotes Religious Choice During Human Rights Rollout

Committing Egypt to a five-year program of human rights reform, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi did not mince words about religion. “If someone tells me they are neither Muslim nor Christian nor a Jew, or that he or she does not believe in religion, I will tell them, ‘You are free to choose,’” he said. “But […]

Lebanon Prayer: Tayyouneh

God, Have mercy on the dead—and mercy more for living. The dead have faced their lot in life and now must face their judgment. What awaits them? Your books say. In faith we trust your goodness. But here in life we stand confused. We long, instead, for justice. A cloud is hovering o’er our land; […]

Vaccine Campaign at Zimbabwe Churches Praises What’s Done in Secret

Yvonne Binda stands in front of the congregation, all dressed in pristine white robes, and tells them not to believe what they’ve heard about COVID-19 vaccines. “The vaccine is not linked to Satanism,” she says. The worshipers, members of a Christian Apostolic church in Zimbabwe, are unmoved. But when Binda, a vaccine campaigner and member […]

Pew: US, France, and Korea Are Most Divided—Especially over Religion

“Conflict” is a troublesome word to describe a society. But increasingly across advanced global economies—and particularly the United States—their societies believe it is the correct label. If there is any good news, religious conflict lags behind. The Pew Research Center surveyed almost 19,000 people in 17 North American, European, and Asia-Pacific nations this past spring […]


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