Friday Prayers for Egypt: Falling Short

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt was almost happy. Perhaps she was a little. The national soccer team came close to reclaiming its heritage as ‘best in Africa’, but fell short in the final.

But so also seemed many of Egypt’s actors this week, for good or for ill.

A women’s labor strike at a textile factory abandoned the effort. Pushing for unpaid bonuses they thought the law mandated, they succumbed either to pressure or better information, depending on the source.

But a pharmacists’ strike was called off after seeming success. The minister of health agreed to their demands to ensure profits and secure medicines. Still, princes increase.

And accusations in parliament raise ire but fail to settle. Tales and explanations of corruption and foreign meddling sully the whole, but none yet succeeded in seizing the upper hand.

Even a terrorist could not complete the task. Allegedly aiming to mar the treasures of the Louvre in protest of Syria, the knife-wielding Egyptian was subdued while attacking the guards at the entrance.

God, each event is complex and begs for your wisdom. Each actor the same and subject to your judgment. Of both Egypt stands in need of discernment.

Give good wages. Protect investments. Supply medications. Settle disputes.

Cover no corruption. Allow no defacement. Draft laws. Save Syria.

God, honor the soccer team in their success. Honor the actors who similarly strive.

You are pleased by integrity more than result. But where Egypt is close, and within your will, give her success.

She has fallen often these past few years. Soon may she stand, tall and righteous.


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