Friday Prayers for Egypt


Lines are being drawn in many places. Among the protestors separate groups are emerging, and though they are tangibly united, they toss accusations against one another.

Meanwhile many Islamist groups turn against the protestors, tossing accusations against them, which are returned in kind.

Next week the Islamists call for a major demonstration, and some seem to be calling to overwhelm them in numbers. There is no call for confrontation, but possibilities are there. The sit-in has gone on twelve days already – it took eighteen to remove Mubarak.

The military leadership has acceded to some of the protestors’ demands, but most protestors remain unsatisfied they have done enough. These toss accusations against the military council. Some are calling for escalations in protest to the level of civil disobedience. Some have begun hunger strikes.

God, you know these things, and you know the answers. When lines are drawn many start believing there are good guys to win out against the bad guys. God, may it be that each participant’s intentions are good. God, may it be each is led to repent of their bad conduct in the midst of this struggle, which we trust is still noble.

God, maybe some parties are bad – certainly the conspiracies are advanced in order to label their opposite. If so, prevent them God from violating the greater good of Egypt.

God, within this struggle, help all to commit to peace. Help each to esteem their political opponent. Make the diversity of opinion respectable, so that divergent views might coalesce into the greatest common solution.

Have mercy on Egypt, God. Bring about a nation built upon respect, freedom, justice, and equality. May talents and resources be unleashed for widespread economic gain. May creativity and commitment cause regional blessings to spill out from Egypt. May love become a hallmark of this great people.

But for tonight, God, and this week, keep people safe. As they sleep this evening, help them to evaluate themselves, and seek your wisdom and guidance. Keep commitment steady, God, to the degree it is necessary. But couple this commitment with concern for the other. God, may each pray for his opposite.

Be good to Egypt, God. Bless her and give her peace.


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