Anniversary Stats Abroad

Aug. 10, 2010 marks eight years of wedded bliss for Jayson and me.  We’ve always liked to say that we’re still on our honeymoon, and like both sets of my grandparents, we are aiming for about 65 years of marriage.  One set lived almost their entire life in the same town; the other has lived everywhere and traveled the world. The other day as we were talking about our eight years together, we started to think of some interesting (to us, at least) stats for that relatively short period of time. It appears we follow one particular application of the grandparent model…

Years of Marriage:  8

Years without children:  4

Years with children:  4

Countries we’ve lived in:  4

States we’ve visited and stayed in for extended periods of time:  4

Countries we’ve visited:  8, 9 depending on how you count Palestine

Number of trans-Atlantic flights: 13

Countries children have been born in: 3

Number of times we’ve bought furniture to furnish an apartment:  3

Number of apartments/houses we have lived in together…for at least 3 months:  8

We’ve had a fairly active eight years, and are actually hoping to be a bit more settled in the next eight.  It will be interesting to see the stats at year sixteen!

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