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A Tour of the Caspers’ Apartment

We thought it would be fun to let everyone have a look at our apartment. We live in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, and we searched about three weeks until we found the place we finally decided was best. Until then we had seen upwards of about fifteen apartments, most of which were good but not quite right. When we were about to concede to the best of the acceptable, we took one last venture out and about, and found this place. We are very thankful for where we landed, and where we will spend the next year at the least, God willing.

The link to YouTube is: Please enjoy.

10 replies on “A Tour of the Caspers’ Apartment”

We were in Lansdale recently and had the pleasure of viewing your appartment tour. Very well done. Brisk pace means it is over before one is satiated, and invites repeat viewing.

Looks like a wonderful place to live and raise the girls. Wonder how their sense of home will develop?


Great job on starting the Casper Blog. The home page has a very nice look. Everything seemed to work just fine. I will try to set up the RSS feed so I get immediate notice of new postings.


Hi Julie and Jayson, nice appt. Nice and bright,big family room. I hope that you are settling in. Jayson, your ponderings are deep, you sound like a philosopher. I will look forward to further blogs, I just hope that I can understand them. Trey


How fun to see where you all are living! I enjoy reading your posts on FB and now I can enjoy your blog! It looks like you are all settling in well! Welcome to your new home!



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